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Virtuo is your virtual mentor in the cloud, at your fingertips, anytime anywhere.

With Virtuo, you will find answers to your questions on change management best practices.

Virtuo allows you to navigate either through the DO-IT™ Model which encompasses 18 best practices allowing you to quickly identify change management issues and put in place the appropriate strategies. You can also navigate through the four-step DO-IT™ Approach which identifies the change management activities and deliverables required from the beginning to the end of a change initiative. Finally, you will access more than sixty tools directly through the tools menu, all with user friendly instructions.


Individually, Virtuo equips you to become a high caliber or master change management consultant.

At the organizational level, Virtuo, combined with training programs from Aplustransition's Master Suite, enables the organization to build their own internal change management practice.

With Virtuo, becoming a master of change is reality.

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DO-IT Model

A framework  based
on change
management best

DO-IT Approach

A systematic  
approach to
develop and
implement a
change management


A set of tools
grouped by
analysis, strategies, 
plans, diagnosis,
assessments, lists etc.


A complete list of
in order to quickly 
locate a specific


A  tool to help you  
to quickly find
available material
on a specific subject.



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